Why losing one basketball game is no big deal

Do you remember when the liberal media and their supporters warned that if Charlotte loses the NBA All-Star game because of HB2, it will cost the city and state $100 million in lost revenue? Well, that was back in the spring and they’re still clamoring.  Could they have nothing else to complain about because things are going well for North Carolina?  

Over the last five years North Carolina has become one of the most attractive places in the country to do business, invest, live, raise a family, and retire.  Republicans took control of the state legislature in 2010, and since then North Carolina legislators and Gov. Pat McCrory, who was elected in 2012, have enacted an impressive collection of policy and tax reforms. Major economic indicators show North Carolina’s strong economic performance both before and after HB2. The state’s pro-growth policies have led to the creation of 300,000 net new jobs since 2013. 

According to Andrew Heath, State Budget Director, the following are some relevant facts since HB2 took effect: 

  • Nearly 5,000 new jobs have been announced since March.
  • Moody’s reported that North Carolina’s 2016 year-to-date revenue growth has outpaced the 20 largest states’ average by more than 2-to-1.
  • North Carolina’s unemployment rate returned to pre-recession levels at 4.9 percent and is down in all 100 counties since 2013.
  • S&P, Moody’s and Fitch affirmed North Carolina’s AAA credit rating, citing the state’s continued diverse economic expansion.
  • CNBC moved North Carolina from #9 to #5 in the ranking of best states for business.
  • North Carolina ended the fiscal year with a $425 million revenue surplus. 


And thanks to Jim Tynen of NC Civitas, we now know why losing one basketball game is no big deal!  This is definitely worth the read for all you skeptics out there.  I encourage you to do so and then pass it on, especially to Unaffiliated Voters and liberal friends!

Source: https://www.nccivitas.org/2016/why-losing-one-basketball-game-is-no-big-deal/