Carson Scholars Expanding into the Triangle Area

On June 29th, members and friends of two organizations, CAP and ICON, came together at the Governors Club in Chapel Hill, NC to honor the founding members of ICON.  During the event, Carson Scholars Fund (CSF) supporter Dr. Rodney Alsup delivered an informative and impactful presentation on the Carson Scholars Program.  The presentation involved a slideshow that included photos from the most recent 2017 Greensboro, NC Carson Scholars Awards Banquet.  Following the slideshow, Dr. Alsup asked guests to describe what words came to mind as they viewed photos of the promising young scholars.  Guests exclaimed “pride,” “future,” “confidence,” “achievement,” with Dr. Alsup adding the final two words: “future leaders.”

Guests were in luck.  Not only were they able to see a slideshow of future leaders and view a video about the Carson Scholars Program, they were also able to witness firsthand the impact that the CSF has on students.  Carson Scholar alumnus and NC State student, Jacob Covington, joined guests for the evening (despite being behind UNC enemy lines) and delivered a powerful reflection on his experience throughout the Carson Scholars Program.  During his speech, Jacob described his confidence in the program and how imperative it is to recognize students for their academic achievements early in life.    He shared how CSF has helped to shape him into the person he is today, a successful chemical engineering major who is giving back to his community.  Jacob is now looking forward to graduating college and one day becoming a leader in the manufacturing industry where he will be able to use his skills to create products that help people live better lives.

Dr. Alsup concluded the CSF presentation with an overview of the scholarship process and a call to action for Triangle Area residents to join the Carson Scholars Fund’s mission and to help grow the scholarship program in North Carolina.  Thank you to all who attended to support the newly established Raleigh Durham chapter.

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Reprinted from the Carson Scholars Blog post of 10 July 2017. Click on the following link to view the post on the Carson Scholars Blog.

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